A great way of starting your exercise routine, these exercises are perfect if you are planning on losing weight, grow some muscles and save yourself time and money. You do not need a personal trainer or any special equipment to accomplish excellent results.

5 Simple And Easy Workouts That You Can Do It At Home To Keep Your Body In Best Shape!

These exercises are very flexible and they can be done at your home and they will help you lose weight quickly and effectively and will keep you fit indefinitely.

Cardio workout for body strength

You don’t need a gym equipment to do cardio exercises. You can do it in the comfort of your home.  You can do cardio exercises simply by climbing the steps, jumping jack, line hops, side lunge, arm circles and biceps. You will burn 350 calories just by exercising 30 minutes.

Absexercise on the floor

Good athletic performance and posture demand good flexibility. As you move towards to more demanding exercises, your balance ability is trained. You can do abs exercises while you are watching TV. Even though it is preferable to do this on the floor, you can try and do the exercises while you lie on your bed. Raise your upper body up and try to reach your feet. Repeat it 10 times.

Leg workout

You can tone the thigh muscles by doing this leg exercise. Do a wall sit by leaning against the wall and crouch down, making sure that your knees are bent 90 degrees straight and shin vertically to the ground. Maintain this position for a minute. Do these not less than 10 minutes.

Squats for improving the strength of the core

The core, which is needed for maintaining body balance and supporting the body, is formed from 29 pairs of muscles located in the pelvis, lower back and the abdomen. Your everyday activities will be optimized if your core is stabilized and strengthened. Doing squats for 5 minutes a day will be of a significant help.

Doing sit-ups and jumping on the spot

This combination might sound weird, but it is actually a perfect way of toning up the core body. Skipping on the spot is going to get your heart pumping and is going to build up stamina. At the same time, sit-ups build up the abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Jump as long as you can, then lie for the sit-ups and bend down your knees so you can crunch the excess belly fat.

Every one of these exercises targets a different group of muscles and in the end it tones your whole body. You can get big bang strength at the comfort of your home. The fact that you do not need any equipment means that you won’t lose time transitioning from one to another exercise. Even if you have a really busy day, you can find some time to do these excellent fat burning workouts.

Source: www.healthydietaffair.com

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