It can be quite difficult to maintain overall health, and the fact that some body systems are invisible makes it even harder. The hormone health is vital for perfect body functioning. There are some conditions which require medical attention, however, some of them can be solved through an all-natural or holistic approach. The following five hormones are crucial for your everyday health, and when these hormones are well balances, you can achieve overall health.


This hormone is responsible for signaling the body when it needs to release gastric acid in the stomach. This acid helps digestion. Prior to a meal, the ‘G cells’ secrete this acid in the lining of the stomach, and it aids the breaking down of food. If there is not enough gastric acid in the body, it is not able to absorb nutrients and to properly digest food.

You can keep gastric balanced by taking probiotics on a daily basis. This will help you regulate the gut and will help digestion. Taking probiotics or foods which are rich in nutrients like bone broths will help you cure a possible leaky gut.


Cortisol is the stress hormone and it is generally released during times of high stress and it can cause sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, increased weight gain, and high blood pressure. With time, increased cortisol levels can reduce the sex drive in women.

You can keep the cortisol levels balances by sleeping for 7 to 8 hours every night. Furthermore, doing light exercise for 30 to 60 minutes on a daily basis is going to release endorphins, which reduce depression and anxiety.

Ghrelin and Leptin

Ghrelin is the hunger hormone since it sends signals from the stomach to the brain, telling when you feel hunger. For this reason, ghrelin plays a crucial role in maintaining proper body weight. When not balanced, this hormone can cause increased weight gain.

Leptins function is similar and it signals the brain during meals. It differs from Ghrelin since it informs the brain when the body is full and functions as an appetite suppressant. According to studies, these two hormones act together and are responsible for the way the brain interprets signals and appetite. When these hormones are not balances, the body is at risk of misinterpreting the signals, thus causing increased feeling of hunger, or uncommonly reduced appetite.

You can keep these hormones balanced by adequate sleep. Furthermore, eating foods which are low in fats, but high in protein will help correct and strengthen the signals between the brain and the stomach. You can maintain healthy gut by consuming foods which are naturally rich in probiotics such as kefir yogurt.


Adrenaline is the hormone which is responsible for providing energy. Nevertheless, too much adrenaline is not good. Generally, adrenaline regulates itself, and once the threat of excitement goes away, the adrenalin levels reduce. However, if they do not reduce, it can inhibit all of the processes in the body and it can increase the risk of heart problems, anxiety, depression and headaches.
You can keep this hormone balanced if you learn how to deal with the everyday stressors. You can balance this hormone by eating properly and doing proper exercise. Nevertheless, if the adrenaline levels are still imbalanced, you need to seek a professional help which will provide you with some techniques and mechanisms for managing stress.


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