A number of women are affected by loose skin on their upper arms, but also it affects men as well. It is normally for the skin to start sagging with age. The below mentioned exercises can help you address these issues and all of these exercises affect the triceps muscle. Once the triceps shape, the skin sides with the muscles, thus minimizing in appearance.


5 Easy and Simple Exercises for Tightening Loose Arms

  1. Triceps Dips

Begin by sliding your behind off the frontline of a bench and stretch out your legs ahead of you at the same time.

Your arms need to be straight and grasping the bench and the hands should be placed shoulder width-apart.  The bench should be secure enough so it can bear your weight.

Further down your body towards the floor and bend your elbows in a slow manner till you are in an angle of 90 degrees. Your back should be near the bench.

Once you meet the floor, make your arms straight and go back to staring position.

It is very important that your shoulders are placed down while performing this exercise.

  1. Push up

Begin by doing the push-up stand (your hands should be right under the shoulders and maintain balance on your toes). Your body needs to be as straight as possible.

Curve the elbows and make sure that you lower the body as near to the floor as possible, but make sure not to touch it. Then, curve the elbows backward at a straight angle at the bottom position. Fully extend the arms while pressing back.

  1. Triceps dumbbell kickback

Put a dumbbell in both of your hands. The palms are supposed to be facing the torso and the back need to be in a straight position. Curve forwards at your waist and curve your knees a bit. Make sure that there is a parallel between the torso and the floor and your head should be up. Keep the upper arms near the torso and in a parallel line with the floor. While you are holding the weights, the forearms should be pointed toward the floor and you should be making a straight angle with the upper arms. This is the starting position of the exercise.

The purpose of this exercise is that you keep the upper arms motionless, as you are using the triceps to raise the weights till you have your arms fully extended.

  1. Triceps Extension

Maintain up upright position while holding one dumbbell in both of your hands. The feet should be placed shoulder-width apart. Raise the dumbbell above the head till both of your arms are fully extended. Your palms need to be facing upwards. This is the starting position and the pressure point.

You need to reduce the resistance by doing semicircular motion behindhand till the biceps are touched by your forearms. The upper arms should be kept near the head, and the elbows should be at a straight angle to the floor. You need to move the forearms only while doing this exercise and make sure that the upper arm is motionless.

Then, lift he dumbbell with the help from your triceps and return to starting position. Breathe out.

  1. Bent Over Barbell Row

Take a barbell in your hands and face the palms downwards, slightly bent your knees. Curve your waist and your torso should come forwards and your back should be straight. Place the head up and the back in a parallel line with the floor. Your arms should be at a straight angle with your torso and the floor and the barbell should be hanging right in front of you. This is the starting position.

Make sure that your torso is motionless, breathe out and raise the barbell towards you. Put the entire weight on your hands and keep the elbows near to the body at the same time. Press the muscles of the back at the highest contracted position and hold for a few seconds.

Breathe in and return to starting position.

Source: Healthy Food Team

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