Complete guide on how to burn fat the natural way :

1. Consume six small meals per day. Stoke up your body with food each 3-4 hours could rev the metabolism to the top.

2. Run about 10 100-yard sprints. That will help you burn more than 500 calories.

40 Ways To BURN FAT Naturally And Fast!

3. Wait 25 minutes before you go for seconds.

4. Pull on a hoodie before you work out. When the muscles are warm, you truly burn more calories.

5. Use a smaller dinner plate. That will limit how much you could pile on.

6. Use a blue dinner plate. Researches show that blue color has appetite-suppressing effect (as opposite to yellow and red plates).

7. Sub in non-fat Greek yogurt for sour cream and mayo — you will save 700 calories and 100 calories per half cup, in that order.

8. Eat peanuts from the shells. You will nosh on 50 percent fewer nuts in sitting, simply by trying to peel them before you eat.

9. Snack on pistachios rather than pretzels.

10. Chew on a sugar-free mint gum after each meal. Mint flavors signal the brain that it is time to stop eating.

11. Train fasted once per week. It helps to keep the body’s adrenaline high and the blood sugar low.

12. Take up power yoga. It will help you burn about 344 calories per class.

13. Run intervals. Turn the body in a fat-fighting furnace by sprints with jogs.

14. Replace the morning bagel and juice with bowl of protein packed eggs and oatmeal.

15. Exercise with your partner. The couples who train together are more than 34 percentlikely to stick to the workouts.

16. Eat at the kitchen table—don’t eat on the couch.

17. Drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated will fool the body in feeling hungry.

18. Poach (do not fry) poultry, fish and eggs.

19. Hit the pool. Swim laps or run into the water.

20. Take real “before” photo. You will be more motivated knowing what you actually look like and where you really want to go.

21. For a morning cup of Joe! Switch to a skim milk as a substitute of sugar and cream and save about 105 calories.

22. Bike to the work. It will help you burn about 500 calories per an hour.

23. Choose elliptical with handle. You will recruit the muscles in the arms and burn more calories.

24. Download some fit app. Like a digital workout log or fast-food calorie counter— on your smartphone.

25. Crust the proteins with the panko crumbs. They will stick to skinless chicken breast and pork chops without the need for some higher-calorie breads that are made of flour and eggs.

26. Include strawberries to the whey protein shake. Theyare rich in fiber, and will help you feel fuller.

27. Eat more avocado. It is loaded with healthy fats that you need in order to keep the body burning fat.

28. Portion control pasta and potatoes. Servings of arrow roots shouldn’t be bigger than a baseball.

40 Ways To BURN FAT Naturally And Fast!

29. Look for the key words on restaurant menus, such as: baked, grilled, steamed, sautéed, oven-fried, marinara, primavera, and roasted.

30. Drink more tea. It is full with fat-burning antioxidants.

31. Keep your body to guess. Swap out your old programs for fresh ones on every 4-6 weeks.

32. Size up the proteins.  Three to five ounce serving need to be as big as smartphone.

33. Throw some towel over the treadmill display console. Just focus on pushing yourself much harder.

34. Squat heavy.  More muscles you could recruit with a proper form, stronger you will get, and more fat you will burn.

35. Train abs heavy. In place of regular sit-ups, try doing a few sets with the heaviest weights that you could hold.

36. Eat less sugar. Try to limit yourself to no more than 70 grams per day.

37. Snack the smart way. Some small bag of popcorn rather than corn chips will save you about 60 calories.

38. Go on a rock climbing. Even if you simply hit the indo0r rock wall, you will torch about 700 calories an hour.

39. Find the rock-bottom moment. Draw from a point in your life when you knew that you had to make change.

40. Get a dog. (Or borrow it from your girlfriend.) Taking a Rocket for walk about 20 minutes per day will help you shed about 14 pounds per year.

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