Everybody knows that smoothies are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients which give a feeling of satiety. They also energize the body, are good for our health and excellent in the weight loss process.

But sometimes we have the opposite results. Instead of lose weight, we gain weight with the consumption of these drinks. Here are some smoothie mistakes:


Mistake Number 1: You have a lack of fiber in your smoothie

Fiber is a mineral substance excellent for people who want to lose weight. This is the nutrient that makes you feel full which will prevent the hunger and you will consume small quantities of food during the day.

Fruits are top fiber rich foods. Bananas are one of the most used ingredients in the smoothies. A half of one consists 1.4 grams of fiber. You have to try have at least 10 grams of fiber in your drink. You can do that by adding foods that are rich in fiber, such as: kale (it consists twice more fiber than spinach), kiwi, avocado, beans, pears, Chia seeds, flax meal and protein powders of plant origin.

Mistake Number 2: You have a lack of protein in your smoothie

The lack of protein in the smoothie is one of the reasons that make you gain weight. The color of the smoothie doesn’t mean that it’s rich in protein, which is essential nutrient to maintain your energy during the whole day.

You need at least 10 grams of protein in your smoothie. These are the best sources of protein: Greek yogurt, milk or soy milk, protein powder, soft tofu, nuts m nuts butter, beans. For recipe ideas, check out the following protein smoothies.

Mistake Number 3: You put too much fruit

Fruits are the most precious foods on the planet. They are really healthy and full of fiber and nutrients, but they are not void of calories. If you add five different fruits and some drink in the smoothie, you will have more than 500 calories in that situation.

Fruits are full of natural sugars and they are easily digestible where you will feel hunger in short period of time. If you want to avoid this problem, you have to add sources of protein such as soy milk, milk, protein powder, yogurt, beans, soft tofu, beans, nut butter or nuts.

Mistake Number 4: You add a lot of (artificial) sweeteners

A tablespoon of maple syrup or honey has more than 60; you don’t need these sweeteners if you have fruits that contain natural sugar. These sweeteners (artificial) are also found in the fruit juices, flavored yogurt, fruits canned with syrup, sweetened milk etc.

If you want to avoid extra sugar, especially the artificial sweeteners (which are really bad for your health-white refined sugar), try to use plain yogurt, almond milk and unsweetened soy instead. Do not worry, your taste will get used to it.
Have a nice day and share the results!


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