It is known that the day begins when you’ll wake up. Many people make a few morning habits while they getting up, so they destroy the day on a simple way.

Not only the traffic jam, going to work without umbrella, unscrupulous drivers, being late to work can wreck you day. There also some other situations that can ruin your day. These are three simple habits that can change and make the starting of the day easier and happier.

3 things that can ruin your day

The early consumption of caffeine!

What do you think, is there a bad moment for coffee? Definitely! Once you will wake up in the morning, we have growing of energy in the body, so a cup of coffee will boost your energy to maximum, claims Dr. Steven from the University of Maryland.

One hour after waking up is the perfect time for having a coffee

You don’t have breakfast rightly

A glass of yogurt with a handful of berries sounds healthy, but you will be starving until afternoon. This type of meal will not give the necessary nutrients that will make you feel satiety until the next meal. A good and healthy breakfast should consist of 2.5 grams of fiber, complex carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein and a little healthy fat, recommends Dr. Michelle Davenport.

Computer is the first thing that you do!

Checking you e-mails when as soon as you will open your eyes is not a good idea to start your day. If you start the day on that way, you will be stressed during the whole day. Instead, you have to do stretching exercises, drink tea, talk to your friends or family, listening to your favorite music etc.

We hope that you will really change these morning habits in your life. Have a nice day and enjoy your life!

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