You havelost some weight, but the face fat has not gotten the memo or you’ve put on a few pounds in your face. Today we are going to tell, what’s behind chubby chin and round cheeks?

When we lose or gain weight, we are not decreasing or increasing the number of fat cells (adiposities). Instead, the cells themselves are shrinking or enlarging. That is the reason why many people have a problem area in their body. These people have much more fat cells in specific are than other people do.

However, some people are born with own face characteristic (bone structure) and sometimes makes the face fuller. You can do nothing for spot reduce fat or change the genetics. But there are a few ways to remove or to thin out the face:

face fat

1. Your hormones are surging

Women also have bloated faces during the premenstrual syndrome. If you have irregular periods or if you experience hot flashes, you probably entering into per menopause, which can lead to menopause that can last for years.

2. Treat any food intolerances

People who are gluten sensitive or people with irritable bowel syndrome are often with fuller face. Bloating can be a symptom for digestive disorders. Many studies have shown that IBS causes bloating, but it’s still unclear why.

3. Fight water retention

Excess salt, sugar and alcohol intake are related to fuller face, says Dr. Sue Decotiis, eminent weight loss expert. These unhealthy products help the body tissues to hold onto water. If you want to slimmer your face, you have to decrease the consumption of these face bloaters and to increase the consumption of water. The body is more apt to retain the water when you are dehydrated.

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