Halloween is the day that beginning the parties, desserts which is not so good for those who try to maintain or to lose weight. During these festivals and funny moments, we consume big calorie bombs. Today we are going to present you the most fattening fall foods that can ruin your diet and body line:

caramel apple

Pumpkin Flavored Baked Goods

Pumpkin is healthy fruit. It contains vitamin A, fiber and a small amount of calories. But in the preparation of some recipes, we often add a lot of cream cheese frosting, sugar (artificial sweeteners) butter and shortening which is a really calorie bomb.

Coffee shops and restaurants are the biggest villains that promote muffins, pumpkin scones, muffins, breads, donuts, which contain up to 630 calories per portion. Don’t let yourself to be tricked by low-fat versions, It is not the same thing as low-calorie.

The best solution is to avoid all these fatty foods or to read the nutrition facts before the consumption. Be careful with the homemade treats too.

TRICK: You have to bake the pumpkin without or using less fat and sugar (you can add whole-grain goodness).

Hot seasonal beverages

Drinking a hot drink on a crisp fall day is a really enjoyable during the holidays. There are a lot of seasonal beverages during these days. Plain coffee is low calorie, but seasonal drinks and lattes contain a lot of sugar with a heavy dose of cream.

At Starbucks, medium pumpkin latte with milk is 410 calories. These liquid calories do not give a feeling of satiety so it will be good to avoid them.

TRICK: You have to order a small beverage and lighten the load with fat free milk. Tea can be a great choice for calorie-free beverages, but be careful with the blended drinks that contain syrup, cream and added sugar.

Some coffeehouses use sugar syrup as the base ingredients of their chain; ask that yours be made with real tea and no added sugar.

Caramel apple
Everybody knows that if we put a large amount of sugar on fruit, it becomes a less healthy choice. Caramel apples consist up to 300 calories. The extra candies, nuts and sprinkles increase the calorie level in the product…It would be excellent idea try to avoid caramel desserts.
TRICK: Consume the apples by dipping them into fat free vanilla yogurt, low fat caramel dip or peanut butter.

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