All of us have days when we don’t have time to exercise and go to the gym. So here comes the question: Which cardio activities (which are close to our home) are the fast and best fat blasters ? And we have the answer.

Here are we will write about 3 top calorie and fat burners, from the celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza(Los Angeles), who has already helped  stars like Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Alba to shape their bodies. With each one of these activities, you will be successfully  boosting your metabolism and you’ll burn fat effectively. One giant result with one easy workout .


Run !

With running you’ll burn 370 calories in thirty minutes.

The usual shape of a runner is lean and sleek, and there’s a very good reason for this: The biggest fat and calorie burning muscles in our bodies are the main running muscles— butt, legs ,core. In order to get most of each running, don’t lean forward, keep your feet lower to the ground, and always swing your arms close to your body.

How to boost the calorie and fat burn: Alternate slow and fast intervals, or run in nature – best option are hills.



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