Toothpaste can not be only used for brushing your teeth. Today we are going to present you wide range of different purposes. We will show you how to use toothpaste in service of your household and beauty.


  1. Whiten the keys on your old piano

Nothing is uglier than yellow keys on beautiful piano. You can whiten the keys with toothpaste and your piano will look brighter than ever.

  1. Silver polish

These products are really expensive and they represent the only thing that can save your blotchy and dirty silver. However, we have great news for you. By applying toothpaste on your sliver, you will restore its shine and it will be brighter than the day you bought it.

  1. Car headlights

The headlights of your car need attention. You will remove all the dirt by applying toothpaste on a sponge and rub the headlights.

  1. Stains on tables

You can totally clean the stains on the table by your glasses or cups

  1. Clean the snickers

The dirty plastic parts on your snickers can be also cleaned by toothpaste. Apply some toothpaste on sponge, rub it and wait for the miracles.

  1. Aviator Goggles

By applying a thin layer on the goggles, you will prevent fogging.

  1. Insect bites

Try to apply tiny amount onto the bite parts to soothe any redness or itching and you will never be afraid of insects again.

  1. Ink stains on shirts

Tooth paste is the perfect solution for the stains on your favorite shirts. Apply some toothpaste on the stains and let it stay for 1 day (24h). Wash the clothes the next day.

  1. Dye stains on your towel

Toothpaste can effectively remove thee stains from the dyes that can color your towel.

  1. Clean the Iron

Your iron will look as you bought it today by cleaning it with toothpaste

  1. Pimples

You can get rid of the nasty pimples by using toothpaste.

  1. Cleaning the smart phone

You can also use toothpaste for cleaning the phone

  1. Cleaning the carpet

Using a sponge, apply toothpaste on your carpet and expect the results.

  1. Footwear

Your shoes will smell fresh by using a toothpaste to clean the footwear.

  1. Wash your hands

The best hands wash you can get is the toothpaste.

  1. Enamel Stains

You do not have to polish any cleaning marks and you do not have to pay if you use toothpaste.

  1. Fix DVD or CD

If your CD skips, you can not enjoy your favorite song. Enjoy your music again by rubbing some toothpaste onto any scratches.

  1. Cleaning the thermos

You can also use toothpaste if you hate the smell of your thermos. Pour some water in your thermos, add some toothpaste, shake well and they will be super disinfected and clean.

  1. Hang Posters

By applying some toothpaste on each corner of the poster up, you can use it as a glue. You will not damage the walls you will take down.

  1. Remove car scratches

Apply toothpaste on a soft cloth and then rub it on the scratches. Wipe it off by using a clean cloth and enjoy the shine.

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