According to Dr. Mary Newport, ketone bodies, which are created when consuming coconut oil, can be used as a fuel for the brain. She is convinced that this oil can offer great benefits in the fight against Alzheimer’s. If this theory is even half accurate, this could be the discovery of the century.

The Background Story

Dr. Newport’s husband Steve had a progressive dementia when he was in his mid-50s and then he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease after an MRI. She recalls that he had been in a fog for many days and he found things like getting water or taking a spoon difficult. He forgot things constantly but sometimes remembered them a few days later.

Dr. Newport added that Steve had no short-term memory, but the information was still somewhere in his brain. She had a strange feeling that his diet plays a crucial role. He started taking medications and was hoping that they would steady the process, but unfortunately he lost weight, became depressed, and forgot how to do simple things like using a calculator.

Finding Hope

Dr. Newport read about several studies about the possible use of ketone bodies and medium chain triglycerides as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. Medium chain triglycerides are also considered a possible treatment for diabetes, drug resistant epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.  Ketone bodies restore the oxygen flow to the brain, help after an acute heart attack and may reduce cancerous tumors.

The cells of the body can use ketone bodies a replacement fuel when there is no glucose. Ketone bodies circulate the body only if it has been starving for a couple of days and if a person is on a low-carb diet. When it comes to Alzheimer’s, the neurons in some brain parts cannot take glucose in because of insulin resistance and they slowly die. If these neurons could access ketone bodies, they might survive and continue with their function.

The Results

Dr. Newport began to give her husband coconut oil on a daily basis. She remembers that her husband began being happy and alert after 60 days of taking coconut oil. He was also telling jokes, he was talkative and the tremor that he had developed was less evident. He was also less distracted. Steve had approximately 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on a daily basis.

After an entire year of treating her husband with natural treatment, she says that he is a completely different person. He still finds it difficult to find some words sometimes, but he actively participates in conversations, recognizes his family members and his facial expressions are more energetic.

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