People use to talk about people and places exuding “bad” or “good” energy but it really means the energy is low or high.
The description of energy in scientific terms is actually describing the rate of frequency or vibration.
The feel better the higher vibration of a place or a person and when the vibration in our homes is higher we feel better in them. They become a space to lift our spirits and recharge the batteries.

15 Ways to Fill Your Home With Good Energy and High Vibrations!

These are fifteen ways to raise the vibrations in your home for happiness and health:


You should remove clutter, all duplicate things and items that you no longer use and you will feel much happier and comfortable.
Pre down the wardrobe and eliminate the item you don’t need and always choose quality over quantity. Some other ways to de- clutter the home is to include multi- purpose products, borrowing instead of buying and spending on experiences instead on “things”.

*Burn herbs*

The herb burning is known as smudging and it has been used many years to cleanse the air of viruses, bacteria and other impurities. It is also used as shifting, clearing and changing the surrounding air and as a mystical ritual.
Take dried herbs and light it and blow the flame out really quickly and allow the smoke to enter in your home. In the air are the released scent of herbs and the healing properties. The most popular herb to smudge with is the sage, but lavender, rosemary and pine are also good options.
You can smudge in your home when:

-You suffered an illness or just had an argument, before meditation, a guest leaves your house, you begin a new career or job and you move into a new home.

You can also burn herbs by blending some herbs together and placing them on a lit charcoal disc.
You can use patchouli, frankincense, pine needles, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, thyme or sage to clear the space and the air.

*Diffuse essential oil*

The essential oil works to cleanse the home and make you feel uplifted and light by diffusing its pleasant and unique scent through your home. Many of the oils have antimicrobial properties that remove bacteria and viruses.
Try diffusing eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, sandalwood, peppermint, sage, myrrh, lavender, juniper, frankincense, cypress, basil and rose to raise the vibrations in your living space.
You can mix up a cleansing spray and spray it around your home if you do not have a diffuser.
Mix 1 tbs. of vodka, 6 tbs. of filtered water and 10-40 essential oil drops (of your choice) and shake it well before each use.

*Switch on Himalayan salt lamps*

These lamps are a natural source of clean and fresh air and that is all you need to cleanse the home as it provides an aura of calm.
As they attract water, they are able to remove air impurities, dust, smoke and pollen. These lamps give off negative ions and that means they increase the levels of energy, improve the overall mood, encourage sleep, neutralize electromagnetic radiation and remove static electricity.

*Play music*

The music is more that art form or entertainment. It has healing and soothing effect on the body and alerts the vibes in the space. Many studies have shown that the right kind of music works as pain relief, promotes sleep, fights fatigue, enhances learning and provides benefits for the immune system and the heart.
The ability of music to improve our mind frame is beyond doubt. Choose Opera, Soul, Orchestra, Folk, Jazz or Classical music for the most positive vibrational and mood- boosting effects. If that does not lift you up, choose some other kind of music you like the most.

*Add fresh flowers and plants*

A surefire way to have an uplifted mood and enjoy the positive vibrations mindfulness is to experience the nature and all it has to offer. Being in nature or the eco- therapy has the attention of the scientific community because numerous studies find it improves mental health and well- being and fights depression.
Why no to attract positive energy to your home by bringing nature indoors? Fill your home with potted plants and fresh flowers and their fragrance and bright colors will uplift your mood.
Some experts claim that some plants are better than others at improving well- being and promoting positive energy. Some of the best include orchids, aloe Vera, chrysanthemums, mint, rosemary, miniature roses, lavender, jasmine, bamboo and cactus.

 *Consider crystals*

The usage of crystals for healing purposes is since ancient times. The jade was used by Chinese in medicine, the amethysts were worn by the Greeks as amulets and magic potions were made by the Sumerians from quartz.
Add these crystals as they are believed to have many benefits:

-Turquoise, as it is highly regarded for its ‘Lucky’ and protective properties;
-Aventurine as it can attract new opportunities;
-Celestite, as it can relieve stress and inspire happiness;
-Quartz crystal, as it clears the mind and balances the body;
-Carnelian, as it encourages motivation and creativity and attracts fortune;
-Rose quartz, as it can help to open and heal the heart’s energy;
-Smoky quartz, as it can help to eliminate the negative energy,
-Blood stone, as it  boosts emotional well- being and enthusiasm and it is also a powerful energizer;

They will add bling to your home improving your mood, even you don’t believe in the crystal’s healing powers.

*Choose colors that affect your mood positively*

The colors that we use in our homes are a reflection of who we are and our personalities and in the most ways it can affect our thoughts and moods.
These are the ways a color affects us:

-The red color gets the blood and adrenaline pumping and raises the energy of a room and it can also be too stimulating for some spaces and some people. Crimson can invoke hostility and rage feelings.
-The yellow color is uplifting and energizing and it signals happiness, bit too much yellow creates feelings of anger and frustration.
-The blue color may cause feelings of sadness but it can be serene, relaxing and calming.
-The green color is eye- restful color and it promotes growth, calm and comfort.
-The purple color especially the lighter versions can bring restful quality as the blue color but with more warmth, while the darker versions are related to the dramatic, creativity and luxury.
-The orange color evokes energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

*Light candles*

The candles were used to provide light, highlight celebration and convey calm. Their glow is a great focal point for meditation, reflective and hypnotic.
A candle can increase the home vibrations but if you choose ones with some scent or color will raise them even higher.
You should be careful because many candles that you can find in the store can be dangerous and contribute to poor air quality.

*Let the fresh air in*

Oxygen- depleted and stuffy home can low your mood and bring feelings of lethargy. Opening the windows is the easiest way to refresh your home. Let on a few minutes if fresh air every morning will rejuvenate and cleanse. When you increase the levels of oxygen you feel more energized, enjoy improved health and you will sleep better.
Keep your pet beds clean, wash smelly clothes right away and avoid using chemical air fresheners and your home will be refreshed.


Meditate in order to raise your vibrations through a focused perspective, clear intention and positive thoughts.
You will feel less stressed and much happier. You’ll enjoy greater self- acceptance, awareness and concentration. You should also experience longevity, better immune function and heart health.
Once you feel the benefits of meditation you will start using it more often.

*Fill your home with beauty and happy memories*

Choose things/ items that inspire you, make you happy and have meaning for you.
When you choose to remove or keep a piece, ask yourself if it evokes bad or good memories or it has negative or positive connotations.
Framed photos, memory jars, signs, trinkets, books and artwork all serve to turn your house in a place of positive energy, but do not stand for clutter.

*Cut down on electronics*

A turned on television can affect your mood and the room’s atmosphere. You should be conscious of what and when you watch on TV.
There is a direct effect relationship between the time you spent watching TV and being diagnosed with depression, something that lowers the vibrations of your home and yours, as well.

*Remove toxins*

A house filled with toxins and chemicals has a negative impact on the vibes around you, your mental well- being and your health.
You should also eliminate the chemicals from your care products.

*Create a space for relaxation*

It is really important to have a personal sanctuary in a corner, cubby or room that is going to just for you, even your entire home brings joy and relaxation. Spent at least 10 minutes there, each day and appreciate this space.
Use it for yoga, reading or meditation or something else that raise your vibrations and revitalize you.

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