We all fell achy and tired sometimes, and if these feeling are not just a consequence of a long day, they could be an indication of magnesium deficiency.

Less than 60% of adults in America meet the recommended magnesium values, says Dr. Jennie Ann Freiman. According to her, magnesium deficiency is a silent epidemic and regardless of the amount of walnuts or kale you eat, you could still have magnesium deficiency. Therefore, magnesium oil is all you need. You can purchase it or you can prepare one at home.


Why is Magnesium Oil Necessary?

The majority of people have magnesium deficiency. However, if your doctors test you for magnesium deficiencies, the test will probably be negative. This is because magnesium is a crucial element and the blood is going to do just anything to recharge its supply, says the founder of Gundry MD, Dr. Steven Gundry.

He says that we used to get plenty of magnesium from the foods we ate, particularly some nuts and vegetables. However, the soil all around the world has become depleted in magnesium.

According to Gundry, there are certain evidence which prove that the current level of magnesium in spinach is around 13% of what it was in 1950. So, even if you are eating plenty of spinach, you could have magnesium deficiency.

Can we take oral magnesium supplements to compensate? Well, there are various reasons against this. To begin with, if taken orally, it could cause loose bowel movements, not to speak diarrhea. Additionally, magnesium is actually absorbed through the skin at a much faster rate.

A number of people don’t even consider the skin an organ. Whatever you apply on your skin goes into the bloodstream at a much faster rate.

13 Magnesium Oil Benefits

  1. Reduces Pain

One of the best uses of magnesium is for reducing pain. According to a new study, magnesium calms NDMA, which is a chemical that creates pain. Magnesium calms both nerve and muscle pain, and it is a powerful muscle relaxant.

When used topically, magnesium oil can relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and localized back pain.

People who are afflicted with carpal tunnel feel an immediate relief after applying magnesium oil on the wrists.

Moreover, it can be used for treating various pains on the legs. It can calm leg cramps, and can also relieve the pain on your thighs, calves and feet.

  1. Strengthens the Bones and the Teeth

Magnesium is important for proper calcium absorption, and when magnesium levels are low then calcium is not properly absorbed.

  1. Repairs Muscles

Athletes have been using magnesium for relieving pain related with inflammation and muscle soreness for a long time.

  1. Improves Sleep

Magnesium has natural relaxant properties, which make it an excellent sleep aid. It is able to relax the GABA receptors in the nervous system and the brain, thus promoting sleep.

  1. Promotes Dental Health

As unbelievable as it may sound, magnesium can be used for oral hygiene.

According to Dr. Dendy Engelman, magnesium can be orally sprayed and it promotes healthy gums and reduces plaque accumulation. Moreover, Dr. Marc Sircus has written in his book that magnesium gargle is able to strengthen dental and oral environments to that extent that it lowers the risk of mouth cancer.

  1. Treats Skin Issues

You can use magnesium oil topically and solve a number of skin issues, including acne and oily skin. According to a 1981 study, magnesium is able to break apart various oils and fats, therefore reducing the oiliness of the skin and preventing certain acne types.

Magnesium oil is used as a treatment for a range of skin issues, including eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea.

  1. It Can Be Used as a Deodorant

Deodorants which contain aluminum have been associated with a number of health problems. You probably didn’t know that you can replace your stick deodorant with magnesium. Various studies have proven that it minimizes the odor which is cause by excessive sweating.

  1. Relieves Stress

According to experts, magnesium is the answer to stress relief. Magnesium is normally eliminated through the urine in stressful times, and because magnesium is essential for a number of critical processes in the body, taking magnesium supplements is always a great idea.

Magnesium has anti-anxiety properties and it calms down the nerves which are found in the brain, heart and muscles.


  1. Reduces Hypertension

Heart problems like hypertension are often associated with serious magnesium deficiency. Potassium and magnesium are crucial for regulating the cardiac rhythm.

       10.Regulates Diabetes

Dr. Axe says that magnesium is able to help in diabetes regulation. It is very important that diabetes patients have proper magnesium levels, since insulin resistance can cause major issues when attempting to control mellitus.

      11.Relieves Migraine

Magnesium relieves pain in general, but it is incredible beneficial for migraine pain. According to studies taking magnesium supplements on a regular basis can make migraines less frequent.

      12.Reduces PMS Symptoms

Being able to reduce stress and pain, magnesium is definitely perfect for soothing PMS symptoms.

It is always for the best to consult a doctor prior to taking a new supplement. Moreover, people with sensitive skin, limited kidney function, those taking anti-anxiety medication and those with low blood pressure need to be especially careful when using magnesium oil.

Review of the Best Magnesium Oil

Although it has oil in its name, magnesium oil is actually a magnesium chloride salt which is dissolved in water. This solution has a slippery texture, and this is the reason for its name.

Magnesium oil should consist of two ingredients, magnesium and pure water. The magnesium needs to be free of heavy metals like bromides and arsenic. Knowing the source of the magnesium is the best way to know that it is pure. The purest form of magnesium comes from the ancient Zechstein Seabed. It was discovered in the late 1990s. This magnesium has been certified free of fluoride, arsenic, lead and mercury, which are the most usual contaminants.

The Dead Sea is another excellent source of magnesium. However, it has recently become contaminated and polluted.

The recommended magnesium oils by our experts are:

  1. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
  2. Life-Flo
  3. MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil
  4. Ease

Use Magnesium Oil In This Way


You need to choose the area where you want to spray the oil. You may feel a tingling sensation when you use the oil for the first time. This sensation could disappear the longer you use the oil. Moreover, you need to use it on places which are not sensitive like abdomen, hips and upper arms.

If you are using the magnesium oil for pain relief, you need to apply it directly on the affected area.

After spraying it, make sure to massage it well. Once your skin halts absorbing the oil, it means that it is saturated enough.

The magnesium needs half an hour at the minimum so it can be absorbed by the skin. Some people use moisturizer to wipe the residue. Other people apply this oil prior to having a shower and wash it away completely.

It is of crucial importance to use magnesium oil on a daily basis. You need to begin with 6 sprays on a daily basis and then gradually increase them till you reach 15 to 20.

In case you have diarrhea or loose bowel movements you need to reduce the dosage and consult a doctor.

Can I make My Own Magnesium Oil?


A number of experts think that it is just fine to make yourself at home.

Recipe for Homemade Magnesium Oil


  • Distilled water- 1 cup
  • Magnesium chloride flakes- 1 cup


You need to use a nonreactive pan. Put the water in it and make sure it reaches boiling point. Then, put the water in a nonreactive bowl like a glass and add the flakes. Make sure to stir well till they dissolve. You need to cover the glass so that you can prevent evaporation. When it cools down, put it in a container or a glass bottle and it is ready for use.

Source: Wellness Mama

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