Most of the people know that much of the food found in the US is imported from China. We have so much farmland in the states so why would one buy food from China? It is all about the money, food from China is cheaper, but actually it comes at cost.

1.Cod Fish
toxic chinese foods

China is the origin of 50% of the cod in the US. Yet again, this is feeding issue and water pollution. Also, there are several restrictions for these types of exports in China.

2.Tilapia Fish
tilapia food

China is the origin of 80% of tilapia in the US. These fish eat almost anything and are bottom feeders. The consumption of anything raised in the water is unsafe because China has water pollution. Plus nobody knows what the fish are being fed.

3. Processed Mushrooms

China is the origin of 34 % of all processed mushroom in US. Nobody knows how healthy they are and what the mushrooms are grown. Buy mushrooms from Canadian based or America based farms.

4.Apple juice

Half of the apples in the states come from China. Harmful pesticides are used on the food in China. The best option is making apple juice at home.


The sale of chicken from China in America was approved by the Department of Agriculture in 2013. As we mentioned above, this is feeding issue and pollution. China is usually plagued with foodborne issues and avian flu.

6.Chinese Garlic

chinese garlic

China is the home of 31% of the garlic in the US. The pesticides involved are not safe and should be avoided.

7.Black Pepper Mud
Black Pepper Mud

One must always verify quality because one vendor in China was actually caught selling mud as black pepper, although this seems like a local issue.

8.Plastic Rice
plastic rice

These days China produces rice that is not really rice. It stays hard when cooked.  It is may be made of resin and potato. This may give GMO companies a run for their money and unfortunately, this rice is on the market.

9.Green Peas

Green Peas

Fake green peas were created with sodium metabisulfite, green dye, soy beans and snow peas. These peas have been found in China. Some of these ingredients are totally banned because they cause cancer.

10.Industrial Salt
Industrial Salt

Industrial salt may lead to stroke, heart attack, hypertension and high blood pressure. This salt found onto the tables in China is also exporting in the US in the last few years.

Learn more about fake food in China by looking at the video below:

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