Pineapples are delicious, sweet and also they are very good for the health.

10 Reasons Pineapples are Incredible

  1. Every serving has 10 essential nutrients

You read that right, there are various different nutrients in this delicious fruits, including:

  1. Riboflavin
  2. Thiamine
  3. Folate
  4. Vitamin B-6
  5. Magnesium
  6. Pantothenic acid
  7. Potassium
  8. Manganese
  9. Polyphenols
  10. Antioxidants

As people grow old, they usually develop deficiencies in magnesium and B-vitamin. By consuming pineapple, you can prevent this from happening. The antioxidants are excellent for the health of the brain, cells and the heart.

  1. It provides you with the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C

People usually rely on oranges to provide them with their necessary vitamin C dosage, but one cup of vitamin C will provide you with the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C.

  1. Only Bromelain source

Bromelain breaks down proteins and it aids in reducing inflammation. Pineapples are the only known source of bromelain and for that reason they have been consumed for centuries as a treatment for inflammation and indigestion.

  1. Reduces the risk of diseases related to age

Consuming more pineapples, or fruit in general will help you with all types of health problems related to age, from wrinkles to macular degeneration. The antioxidants in pineapple will prevent the free radicals which cause cancer, and the nutrients are going to prevent any harmful deficiencies which are caused by old age.

  1. Soothes asthma symptoms

Pineapples are rich in beta-carotene, which is a nutrient that can reduce the risk of developing asthma, and can also reduce asthma symptoms. Mangoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots and pumpkin also have this nutrient.

  1. Improves fertility

Pineapples are abundant in folate, copper, zinc, beta-carotene and vitamin C, and all of these naturally promote female and male fertility.

  1. Reduces blood Pressure naturally

Bromelain is in fact blood thinner, so it will naturally reduce the blood pressure. It can even replace aspirin. However, consult with your doctor before deciding to stop taking aspirin.

  1. Provides the skin with a healthy glow

What helps you inside will also be beneficial for your skin. Vitamin C and antioxidants both stop the free radicals from causing damage to the skin. Additionally, vitamin C has an important role in the formation of collagen, which is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and healthy.

  1. Decreases inflammation

From the late 1800s until now, pineapples have been used as a treatment for swelling following a surgery. Moreover, it can be used for treating injuries like strains and sprains, or conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

  1. Promotes digestion

Since pineapples are abundant in dietary fiber and bromelain, they help with indigestion. The fiber cleanses the colon and relieves constipation, while bromelain breaks down the leftover proteins.

There are a number of reasons to consume this delicious fruits. Make yourself a fruits salad or a delicious smoothie. Eat pineapple as a dessert or for breakfast and you it will make wonders for you.

Source: Food Matters

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