If you have a goal, you will find the way – says one African proverb.

Bearing in mind that the holiday season is already complete and we are not that careful about our food intake, and have minimum physical activity, it is time to fix all that things. In our favor, of course.

For all those who exercised,  who exercise now and those who planned to exercise, we offer ten quick tips for fitness to improve their health, habits and appearance:

10 Tips for Fitness :

1.  Small meals – more smaller meals throughout the day may boost your metabolism
2.  Equipment for the training -comfortable shoes, clothes and a bottle of water
3.  Training – as a way of life, not an obligation, 3-4 times a week for 1 hour minimum
4.  Intensity workout – Customize your current health and years
5.    Eat fruits and vegetables – a bunch of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers

Tips for Fitness
6.   Animate your friends and colleagues – exercising in company is more interesting and you’re more motivated
7.   Purpose of training – a thing form which everything starts, and it improves your health
8.   Instructions from trainer – listen and ask when you don’t understand something
9.   Eat, but beware of what you eat – food that gives you strength, not one that it reduces
10. Activate your body and mind –  focus on every movement and every muscle

Perhaps you saw what is the patron of all the good things in life, referring to the preservation and improvement of your health through proper nutrition and exercise – MOTIVATION!

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