We all know the amazing properties of olive oil, but did you know the qualities of the leaves of this extravagant tree? Many studies have proven the health effects of the olive leaf against numerous symptoms and diseases.

The secret of the incredible properties of the leaves is in the phytomchemical and oleuropein – active ingredients found in this plant which protects the plant from pests and diseases.

The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Olive Leaves

1.Prevention of Cancer and Inhibition

The extract of olive leaves reduces tumor volume in the late phase. It also has powerful capabilities against breast cancer in the growth cycle.

2.Building Bone

The research in 2011 showed that oleuropein promotes bone building and fights osteoporosis because it prevents the loss of bone density.

3.Anti Bacterial and Anti-Viral Properties

The oleuropein found in the olive leaf has extraordinary properties that fight against viruses and bacteria. It disables the viruses in the creation of amino acids and prevents their ability to multiply.

4.Antioxidants Effects

Olive leaf is rich in antioxidants the eliminates the free radicals that damage the process of creating DNA.

5.Anti Inflammatory Properties

The leaves of the oil tree have anti microbial activity that heals numerous infections in the human body.



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