The desire for ideal body figure and fast ways to lose a few excess pounds still remained popular among the searchers on the internet.

So, if you want to start some diet right now, here we present you the 10 most searched diets on google:

UN diet !

The UN(United Nations) diet is very popular this year. It lasts for 90 days, starting with a protein day, followed by starch, carbohydrate and a fruit day, and then return on the protein day. The order of the days can’t be changed.

The reason for its popularity lies in its description – the diet leads to a reduction in weight and change in the metabolism, so the weight is not coming back!


Cabbage soup diet !

Easy to apply, the cabbage diet goes as follows: With the main meal of cabbage soup, you  can combine tomato, peppers, wheat barley and dry peas.

Once you develop a good system of diet and stick to the plan, then it’s allowed to introduce fruit, beef, rice and all vegetables.

Cabbage acts as a diuretic, which purifies the body, so keep in mind that you must never exaggerate. This diet is recommended for a short period when you really need fast cleansing.

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