In this article you can find out useful information and 10 interesting tricks for successful weight loss without diet:

1. Use tall thin glasses

If you use thin tall glasses instead of small and wide, then you’ll cut down the “liquid” calories. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to fill the cup when it is low and wide. High cups will help you drink about 30% less juice, wine or other beverage.

2. Limit the alcohol

Many people neglect the calories from alcohol. The truth is that alcohol contains more calories per gram than the proteins and the carbohydrates. Therefore, avoid the alcohol as long as you can. When drinking, always take a break after the first drink with sparkling mineral water. Alcohol begets greater appetite for snacks like chips, almonds, pistachios, etc.., Which have many calories.

3 . Vegetarian pizza and pasta with tomato sauce

If you just can’t live without pretty tasty pizza, then choose pizza with vegetables. With avoiding the meat you’ll trim 100 calories from your meal. Also use low fat cheese. Always choose the pasta with tomato sauce instead the pasta with cream sauce. Pasta with tomato sauce have fewer calories.

pizza weight loss

4.  Drink Green Tea

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who want to lose weight. It helps with burning fat, speeds up the metabolism and thus contribute to weight loss. Except that helps in the fight for weight loss, green tea is great for improving overall health, because it helps the body to protect from many diseases.

5. Eat a soup

If you add soup to your daily menu, you’ll consume fewer calories. Always eat the soup at the beginning of your meal. It helps to curb your appetite for other foods, because it will saturate you. Ideally, the meal should consist soup and vegetables. Avoid the creamy soups because they contain more calories.

6. Long meals

This is one of the most recommended tricks for weight loss when you’re not using a diet. Increase the time for meal. Chew slowly and enjoy the taste of food with every bite. Slow eating will make you satiated with less food. This way your brain will get the information when you are done and you’ll have enough time avoid overeating.

7. Use the break during the meal

Most people make a small pause at the end of the meal. Surely it  happened to you to regret for continuing to eat after this break. Use this moment to stop eating. The break is a signal for the body that you’re done with the meal.

8. Sleep more

Insufficient sleep increases appetite and you feel hungry more often. If you sleep an hour longer than usual, it can help you lose weight 12 pounds a year, show the research at the University of Michigan. The results of this study showed that when useless idleness is replaced with sleep, on average, the calorie intake is reduced by 6%.

sleep weight loss

9. Replace crackers with mint gum

Chewing gum with the taste of mint is a great trick to reduce appetite. It will prevent you from the “harmful” snacks. The menthol kills the beautiful taste of food.

10. Place the ‘small’ clothes in a visible place

It’s important to be motivated and to set a goal. Put your favorite outfit that is currently small for you in a visible place. So every day you have the opportunity to remind yourself what you’ll get if you get rid of the excess pounds.

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