Various parts of China are famous for their fine cuisine, but because of lack of standards the food industry has a bad reputation nowadays. People from all around the world are staying away from food imported from China, and with a good reason.

It’s been years since China started producing outrageously fake and toxic products and food items. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to prove that these products are sold in America, sites like and eBay have been selling food which is shipped directly from China.

10 Fake Foods from China

  1. Imitation Eggs

There are some instructional videos on certain Chinese websites on how to earn $70 per day by making and selling imitation eggs. In order to make these eggs, you will need some chemicals such as artificial color, water, Calcium Chloride, Gelatin, Potassium Alum and Alginic Acid. They use Calcium Carbonate for the eggshells. Consuming these eggs can lead to dementia and memory loss.


  1. Walnuts Stuffed With Cement

A certain man bought walnuts in 2012 in Zhengzhou city and he discovered broken pieces of concrete inside. The concrete pieces were wrapped in paper in order not to make strange noise when the nut is shaken. The person who was selling these concrete walnuts wanted to earn more, since these walnuts were much heavier.


  1. Creating Beef From Pork

Pork is cheaper in China, and this is the reason most restaurants sell it instead of beef. Nevertheless, they perform certain chemistry before selling it. They utilize a glazing agent and a beef extract and they marinate the meat for about 90 minutes. Consuming this in a long-term can lead to deformity, slow poisoning and even cancer.


  1. Fake Green Peas

The authorities found out fake peas in Hunan province, China in 2005. The local newspaper stated that the peas remained hard even after boiling, but the water turned to unnaturally green. The fake peas was very profitable and one illegal shop was making fake peas for three years prior it got investigated. They used soy beans and snow peas, sodium metabisulfite and green dye to create the fake peas. The dye can lead to cancer and can also prevent the body from absorbing calcium.

  1. Baby Formula

According to CBS News 47 peoplewere accused of making fake instant baby formula which caused the death of dozens of children in Fuyang, China in 2004.  This formula was scarce in nutrients and it is very likely that it was made of chalk. As a consequence, children got “big head disease”. This disease made their heads swollen and the children’s bodies gradually deteriorated.


  1. Industrial Salt

Industrial salt is not fit for human consumption. This salt is way cheaper, but it can lead to physical and mental issues like reproductive system disorders and hypothyroid disorders.

  1. Mud As Black Pepper

Certain vendor in China collected mud and sold it as black pepper. The white pepper was mainly made of flour. Because fake foods are not investigated till someone dies, the question is how many fake products are being sold and we are not aware of that?

  1. Counterfeit Sweet Potato Noodles

5.5 tons of fake noodles were made at a facility in Zhongshan city in China. However in 2011 there were several complaints that the noodles had strange taste. The matter was investigated and was discovered that the noodles were made of industrial ink that was responsible for the purple color, corn and paraffin wax.

  1. Fake Ginseng

Ginseng root is a plant with popular healing powers and it has been used as a tonic for more than 3,000 years. Because of the raising of the price of this plant, retailers had to find a way to profit. They started boiling the roots in sugar. This made them heavier and increased the retailer’s profit.

However, according to Chinese medical experts this is a problem since boiling this plant in sugar reduces its healing properties. Natural ginseng contains 20% sugar, while the fake one 70%.


  1. Plastic Rice

It is believed that fake rice is produced by combining synthetic resin and potatoes. Fake rice stays hard after boiling, just like the fake peas. Consuming fake rice for a longer period of time can also cause cancer.


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