Most of the people think that running is one of the most beneficial exercises. It burns calories and can get your heart pumping. However, there are many other exercises that will help you to lose weight, where many of them are far more effective at melting calories than running.

Due to constant strain that you put on your feet, thighs, and knees, running is considered high impact exercise. You will probably want to change the workout when you will consider the fact that you burn only 10 calories per minute.


Today we are going to present you the most effective exercises that will help you to get in shape and lose weight.

Cross Fit Exercises

Select three cross fit exercises by doing a quick search. With each exercise, target a different muscle group.

Fat Tire Biking

This effective type of exercise involves bicycles with heavy tires. Hard to control, large and heavy, tires actually replace the traditional bicycle tires. Fat tire biking burns up to 25 calories per minute (1500 calories per hour). Without the impact on the knees, it is more than twice effective than running.

Bike Sprints

These exercises are great for people who are actually not used to working out and are not effective as burpees. To pedal fast as you can in the first minute (and then slow back for the next two minutes) is the most important thing in bike sprints.  Choose between a sprinting speed and cruising speed.


By performing at least 10 burpees per minute, you will burn 14 calories in a minute. Burpes are extremely effective in the weight loss process, increase metabolism and they are more effective compared to an all out bike sprint.

Indoor Rowing

This is one of the best exercises for burning calories at home. While vigorously rowing, you can burn 375 calories in half hour. It relies on your muscles in the arms which will tighten and tone the muscles in your shoulders and arms.

Kettlebell Swing

This exercise can be easily implemented into different workout routines. These workouts will help you burn 20 calories a minute and the only take a few minutes to perform. If you want to begin using Kettlebells, you don’t need to be in a good shape.

Battling Ropes  

The latest study has proved that battle rope is the best exercise for total oxygen consumption. It also provides far more calorie burn compared with running.

Jump Squats

We all know that squats are extremely effective in the weight loss process. You can burn 14 calories in only 20 seconds. It is a large amount of losing weight for less than 60 seconds.

Cross Country Skiing

This popular exercise is usually more effective compared with running. When skiing at a standard pace, you move the same speed as any runner and you burn more calories per one minute.

Jumping Rope

This medium intensity exercises is a fun. You can burn 13 calories per minute if you keep up 100 skips a minute. It gives you a more throughout workout and employs more muscles compared with the running.

Source: Natural Healthy Team

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