We have series of choices during the life. All the vices and habits add up to determine the quality of life. By changing your lifestyle you can keep that youthful glow at any age. Today we will present you some powerful habits that actually age you faster.


1.Chronic Undersleeping

Adults should sleep 7-9 hours. A sleep hormone – melotonin actually repairs cells and DNA. The most active during the night hormone is the human growth hormone which is essential for vitality and muscle tone.

Your life can be shorten if you getting to little sleep. Numerous psychological and physical effects can be caused by lack of sleep. This unwanted effect can be also notice on your face such as unbalanced skin, sunken cheeks and dark circles.

You can also feel sluggish during the day if you missing out on sleep. You need high calories foods in this situation which can lead to imbalanced blood sugar levels and obesity.

2.Giving Into Carvings

It is perfectly normal to eat what you crave every once in a while. However, it is crucial to ensure yourself treats do not become habits.

Highly processed sweeteners are often contained in sweets. The large amounts of sugar are related with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc.

Sugar is compound which speeds the onset of wrinkles, makes you tired looking and skin puffy.

A feeling of loss of control and mistrust of self can be caused by giving into carvings too often.

3.Alcohol as a Problem Solver

We all know that the excessive alcohol consumption is not good for our health. Liver degeneration, slow metabolism and increased inflammation can be caused by heavy drinking.

However, it is the easiest way to escape reality. You will get a better understanding of self and also get a resolution if consume alcohol in moderation.

4.Not Loving Yourself

Many people do not spend enough energy and time on their happiness, they spend too much focusing on the daily chores. Taking time for yourself is extremely important. It can be signing up for an art class, drinking your favorite tea or reading a book before go to bed.

Your wellness overall will be boosted if you invest in yourself, it will give you more satisfaction day to day.

5.Being Antisocial

One of the best ways to relax is spending time with friends. They can push you to chase your dreams and can offer you a different perspective on your challenges. You do not have to cancel the plans with your friends.

If you can not find time for everyone, combine your friend groups or throw a dinner party. Better health, happier and longer life can be achieved by maintaining friendships.

6.Forgeting to Forgive

Waste of time is holding a grudges. You are actually spending a energy on holding yourself back rather than moving forward.

Depression, anxiety, stress and high blood pressure can be caused by grudges.

Do not forget that forgiveness will set your heart free.

7.Being Too Serious

Everything shouldn’t be taken seriously. Frown lines are far worse than smiles lines, so laugh it off. Sometimes people have to see the humor in their challenges. Optimism is crucial for longer, happier and healthier life.

8.Exercising for Wrong Reasons

Positive attitude is essential to your exercise routine. People are missing out on the fun if they exercise because they fear getting fat.

You will not feel the pleasure you should if you have a negative altitude or exercise too hard.

9. Not Prioritizing Intimacy

Having permanent sexual contact and being intimate with your partner strengthens the relationship, responses to stress, boosts the immunity and improves your health.

10.Living a Chemical Life

We have presence of chemicals in the food, cleaning products, dish soap, toiletries, detergents, everywhere.

These chemicals slowly poison your body. Free of toxins should be everything that comes in contact with your food or body. Opt for organic products and do not forget that you should be able to pronounce the ingredients on the label.

Source: Daily Health Post

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